Kim Morris

Kim Morris, was having trouble attending MMM meetings on Thursdays and knew of other artists in the same circumstance.

Starting a Monday evening group gave her, and an interesting group of artists, the opportunity to meet like-minded people to pursue their art.

From the first class in June 2011 numbers have grown to an attendance of 6-8 on
any given night. So many choices of art mediums and techniques, combined with a mix
of ages and personalities makes this a wonderfully diverse group

The Monday evening group meeting night has now been changed to a Wednesday night, held each week.

Like-minded potential members will always be made welcome, and of course we would love to see anyone from the Thursday MMM come and take part on any given night or become a regular on Wednesday night (6.00-8.30pm).

Only new to painting myself, and due to personal commitments, producing work has been limited. However I was encouraged when I sold my very first finished painting at the Kenilworth Art Show in 2010

©Kim Morris