James McCutcheon

Watercolour artist

When taking up the artist’s brush in the late 1970s James chose oil as his preferred medium. Within two years he recognised his forte was watercolour which he embraced with an intensity that is still obvious in his paintings today. The depth of colour he uses has been greatly admired, and has resulted in the sale of hundreds of paintings to happy purchasers worldwide.

James’s paintings are beautifully executed traditional realist watercolours depicting a diversity of subjects, for example, canals of Venice, English village scenes, European glory, and the beauty of Australia including vignettes of the Sunshine Coast where James now lives. James’s artistry in transposing and enhancing from his original photography has given him the gift of true representation of many architectural, rural, floral, and seascape subjects. When kind weather and an appropriate subject happen simultaneously, James is very happy painting ‘plein air’. The pad and pencil is often handy and he can transpose interesting scenes to paper.

Discovering he is a direct decendant of award winning artists and sculptors in Ireland, James became more aware of his talent and pursued avenues to gain the knowledge of his favourite genre of watercolour painting. This pursuit continues today and James remains widely read and enthusiastic to embrace new ways of enhancing his watercolours.
The great number of paintings purchased, and acquired, by appreciative art lovers over the many years, and currently, of James’s creative work bears gratifying testament to his dedication of his craft. And now he also enjoys the camaraderie of other artists on the Sunshine Coast.

©James McCutcheon