Fabric Art


Slide show below contains some creative works by Fabric Art members from their recent exhibition themed ‘Reflections’.

The Fabric art group was formed in 1989. Initially the group met once a month. The group began investigating many different techniques of fabric art. The members soon specialised in silk painting and dyeing.

Over the years there have been changes to this original concept. To encourage new members and stimulate inspiration, the Fabric Art Group became the Fabric Art and Surface Design Group.

Members now dabble in silk painting, shibori, batik, felting, machine embroidery, fabric dyeing and manipulation, resulting in some beautiful and unique works of art.

The group holds a wearable art exhibition ‘Vision’, every two years. This is the perfect opportunity to display their latest creations.

Regular workshops are held once a month. The meetings are usually followed by show and tell and discussions on new techniques and discoveries.

Throughout the year there are workshops and days devoted to special activities. Social outings are also held during the year.

The Fabric art group meet each Friday morning. 

Their leader is Lyn Gooch

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