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MOST GROUPS donated these beautiful works above to be raffled in aid of the Buderim Foundation which distributes income as grants to Buderim based community organisations.

NEEDLEWORK group donated 100 quilts and blankets to Laurel House, a not for profit organisation.

PATCHWORK group donated 32 quilts to the Wishlist charity. 

PATCHWORK group members Sue and Pat donated a quilt made by them to the Buderim Foundation.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY group  (See above) donated 69 embroidered pillowcases to the Sunny Kids organization.
The themes & styles embroidered on the pillowcases ranged from toddlers to young teenagers.
The group is hoping, that for these children, who are often in a situation where they have to leave so much behind, that they can claim something that is totally their own.
They also donated a cash amount of $100 for the organization to be able to buy new pillows for these cases.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY group  have also embroidered and donated many library bags to this same organization in the past 6 months.


PATCHWORK  GROUP  Have donated 30 quilts to ‘Wish List’ for their fundraiser. Money raised will be used for the Nambour Hospital Dementia Unit.

They have also donated 24 small child & humidicrib quilts to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

MACHINE  EMBROIDERY  GROUP  Have donated Embroidered pillowcases with cuddly toys attached to Sunny Kids in December.

CALLIGAPHY  GROUP  A community outreach was conducted by Greg (a member of the Calligraphy Group) as Artist in Residence at Buderim Hospital’s Mental Health Unit, for 3 hours in October.


PATCHWORK  GROUP  (see above) A Charity Quilt created by  Chris for the Nambour Hospital Oncology unit.



NEEDLEWORK GROUP A precis of a letter received recently from the Hospital for donated garments given to them by the group for over 20 years.

“I would like to extend a warm & heart felt thank you to your Needlework Group from The Hospital & all the patients who received your beautiful needlework gowns, beanies, booties & wraps over the past 20 years.

Your beautiful donated items for our IUFT & Special Care Nursery Babies has been a grateful gift to those parents experiencing a time of difficulty at what should have been a joyous occasion. Your gifts provided some brightness and hope during these trying times.”

PATCHWORK have raised money and created quilts to help various charities in 2016.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY made 70 library bags and 46 pillow cases and soft toys for the Sunny Kids organisation. In July they were presented to the Sunny Kids representative together with a cheque to purchase the pillows needed to fill the cases. See slideshow above.


POTTERY GROUP created a mural which was erected in April 2015 to commemorate the service of Australia’s servicemen and women. The slideshow below gives further details.

PATCHWORK have delivered more toiletry bags to Najidah and have made at least 10 quilts for Christmas for the Najidah families that need help.

PATCHWORK Their afternoon tea raised $230 for Cancer research

MACHINE EMBROIDERY throughout the year have made a large number of library bags and pillow cases each with a soft toy and donated them to the Sunny Kids organisation.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY together with the POTTERY group raised $250 for the Cancer Council.

PATCHWORK have donated the proceeds of their 2015 exhibition raffle of two quilts to the charity Najidah, whose credo is – No form of abuse is acceptable. This charity supports families affected by domestic violence as well as running other programs.

BUDERIM CRAFT COTTAGE ANZAC EXHIBITION All Proceeds from the B.C.C. Anzac Exhibition dontated to Mates4Mates which supports current and ex-service men and women suffering injuries and illness.

PATCHWORK 23 quilts to be donated to STEMM (supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring).


MACHINE EMBROIDERY For Christmas. Gift bags filled with toiletry items, distributed to an Aged Care Home at Kuluin and another at Nambour.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY Many months up until the end of the year making a variety of machine embroidered and quilted single bed quilts for children who are being supported by the SCkoping.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY 20 Quilts completed for children, who are being supported by the SC-Koping group in Maroochydore

MACHINE EMBROIDERY are making Christmas gift stockings for the Immanuel Gardens Retirement Village residents.

MACHINE EMBROIDERY visited the Emanuel Gardens Nursing Home to give them a machine embroidery demonstration.

MMM group co-ordinated a stall for a Sunshine Community Hospice fund raising event. Sue N. donated a painting as a raffle prize which made a major contribution to their funds.

NEEDLEWORK GROUP are creating Gowns for Premature babies.

NEEDLEWORK GROUP are teaching a number of school girls embroidery skills.

PAINTING GROUP donated the proceeds of their exhibition raffle and coin donation entry to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

PATCHWORK had an ‘open Christmas tree’ for Najidah/Sunnykids, with donations of toys and other gifts as well as a number of quilts

PATCHWORK 19 quilts donated to the Najidah charity which works against abuse and for safer communities.

POTTERY GROUP held a Big Morning Tea in support of the Cancer Council.

POTTERY GROUP has a major public art project underway. A mural, 2.5 metres by 1 metre, will honour the Sunshine Coast men and women who served in world conflicts and those who supported them, and is to be unveiled as part of the 2015 Anzac program.

The grounds of the Cottage hosted a beautiful garden wedding. The garden looked delightful thanks to the work of the GARDENING TEAM.



PIctures 1. Debby and Jenny were inspired to take part in ‘The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers’ 60Km walk raising over $2,000.00 dollars each with social events and raffle of two quilts stitched by this talented pair and a $200 hamper donated by Buderim IGA.

The Patchwork Group continue to create toiletry bags for the Najidah Charity.


Picture 2. The Machine Embroidery Group produced 12 quilts for the children in the Maroochydore SCKoping Program. The Koping Program was set up to help young people living in families with mental illness.

The words ‘With Love for You’ were envgraved in a corner of each quilt.

Last year the Embroidery Group did a similar project for the MS (multiple sclerosis) group.

Continuing work for the SCKoping chairity group by embroidering pillow slips and making a soft toy to go into a pocketof each one.


Pic 3 & 4. The Patchwork Group raffle prizes – $2,000 was raised for the Cittimani Hospice.

Other pictures are Quilts made by Patchwork Group members for the Sunshine Coast Libraries.

The group also made quilts for the Bundaberg Flood Appeal (see last picture above).

Pic 9. If ever there is a Nipper’s carnival at the beach don’t be surprised to see this awning donated by the Patchwork Group.


The Needlework Group teach Needlework to 11 and 12 year old girls from Buderim School every fortnight at the Cottage and each have an item they have made to take home at the end of the year.


Bloomhill Cancer Help benefited from the MMM member Laurie D’s artistic talents when he donated a painting for their Race Day fund raiser. It was auctioned for $1100 – making a significant contribution to this worthwhile local charity.

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